Lab Hours, Redos

As a reminder …

  • Wednesday-Friday, 9-5
  • Monday-Tuesday, 9-5

What do you need to turn in? Well … you don’t need to turn in anything, there is no final portfolio. Your workshop projects, photo columns and videos are eligible for redos if you so choose.

Those finishing up, you must return your camera gear by 5 on Tuesday.

As a heads up, Monday is deadline day for the intro students – recommend staying far, far away. You remember what that day was like …


Scheduling Update

Going forward …

Tuesday, April 15FILE YOUR TAXES. Also, this is an AMA session: Portfolios, career advice, how did they make this image.
Thursday, April 17 – Photo columns due at 2:15
Tuesday, April 22 – Production day, open lab to work on your final projects
Thursday, April 24 – Profile/event video due at 2:15

AJ Reynolds at the Red & Black


On Thursday 4/17 AJ Reynolds from the Athens Banner-Herald will be at The Red & Black at 5:30 to give a quick photo talk and then field questions from students about the industry, gear, portfolios or anything else VJ related. After the talk and questions he will critique portfolios. If students do not have a website/online portfolio they should bring between 20-30 images on a flash drive or external hard drive to be critiqued.

Here is a link to his website if you would like to include it on the blog:

ASSIGMENTS: Event Video, Column, Profile Video UPDATED

Here’s the rundown …

Event Video, due on the server by 2:15 p.m. on Thursday, April 10. This will be a 90-120 second video centered on an event. Find a voice to tell the story, though they may appear in it only minimally. Lots of b-roll and natural sound, let us feel like we were there.

PSA/Explainer Video, due on the server by 2:15 p.m. on Thursday, April 10. This is the explainer from earlier on steroids. In about 30 seconds, what can you teach us? Audio matters, matched action matters, no jump cuts. Perhaps you do something similar to this Peabody Award winning piece by two University of Oregon students (though you need more shots). Or maybe you take Lowe’s Vine campaign and expand on it. Or take maybe something like the BBC’s doing. (Note: This is part of assignment 9 from the syllabus, now worth 5% of your grade)

Photo Column, due on the server by 2:15 p.m. on Thursday, April 17. This can be either an audio slideshow or a collection of 10-20 images that show how you documented an issue or idea over time. Pay attention to that last part – this isn’t a one-time shoot, it must involved multiple visits or ideas. (Note: This is assignment eight from the syllabus.)

Profile or Event Video, due on the server by 2:15 p.m. on Thursday, April 24. This will be a 90-120 second video that profiles an individual or organization. Again, it needs a primary voice and lots of b-roll. Most of the audio should be nat sound, some can be from an interview. (Note: This is part of assignment 9 from the syllabus, now worth 15% of your grade)


Okay, so you have a bunch of files, now what? If you read today’s handout, you’ll see how to handle them in Premiere.

The lab is open on Friday from 10-4 and on Tuesday from 12:15-2. I’ll give you until 2:15 on Tuesday to get your video on the server. Remember that the MLC’s multimedia lab will have Premiere on it so you can work there over the weekend.

Questions? Send them my way and I’ll try to help.

I’m going to pull back on the last video story a bit, as well – it’ll be more event oriented than issue oriented, I’m concerned we’re going to run out of time.

More as it develops.


Need you to put together a 100 word piece on why you choose your story and what it was like to work on it, this is a first person piece. Will be sent along with the photos to Billy Chism.

Email it to me by Friday morning.

Covering Appalachia

Your classmate Gina Yu sent along a link to a recent piece on the Bitter Southerner titled A Love Letter to Appalachia which reminded her of the work you did in White County.

Worth the time, a different way of portraying the communities.