Workshop Wrapup

I managed to get all the images off the seven computers we had in Helen, sorted into folders and distributed across the lab. When you come in today, here’s the breakdown – the number matches a computer in the lab and the folder name on the desktop.

01 – Beech
02 – Blinder
03 – Cannon
04 – Hardy
05 – James
06 – Kazmierczak
07 – Kent
08 – Maldonado
09 – Pap Rocki
10 – Powers
11 – Schafer
12 – Schick
13 – Sutton
14 – Thompson
15 – Wilder
16 – Yu

Some of you were working on your own machines so I didn’t have many/any files of yours. On each desktop there is also a folder marked “17 Unknown” – please see if those are yours.

We will start Tuesday’s class with a debrief – how it went, how the editors did, what can we do better for next year. Then you’ll be free to work on your images – I’d start with backing them up onto your own drives or DVDs. Some of you will need a lot of DVDs …

You have three assignments from this weekend plus a service piece:

  1. Sense of Place: This is one image that gives us a sense of what White County looks like. File name needs to include PLACE.
  2. Face of the County: This is one image that shows us who the people/a person of White County looks like. File name needs to include FACE.
  3. The Story: This is an audio slideshow of your main story from the weekend.
  4. Service: You shot a lot of images and the folks at the White County News went well beyond what we could have asked for in getting this weekend to happen. Our tradition is that we provide them with a selection of images we shot throughout the weekend. In a separate folder, please crop, tone and caption your best images from the weekend – this should include places, faces and the photos from your story. As many as you have.

Due on the server by 2:15 p.m. on Tuesday, March 18, are the following then:

  • 1 image with a date code, your initials and PLACE in the file name
  • 1 image with a date code, your initials and FACE in the file name
  • 1 folder with your legally exported audio slideshow
  • 1 folder with your best images from the weekend, including the place(s), face(s) and images from your slideshow

You will have all the time after today’s debrief until the class ends at 4:45 to work as well as all of the time on Thursday. Lab hours for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are off to the right of this post. (Remember that on Friday the intro kids will have a deadline so it may be hectic in here then.)

Note that the deadline time on Tuesday, March 18 is 2:15 – if you work on your images over break, I’m giving you 15 minutes of class time to upload them to the server. We’ll then watch the slideshows.

I’ll talk about this in class today, but the editors comments to me from the weekend were all positive – they loved working with you guys and were thrilled with the growth every single one of you demonstrated over the weekend.

Nice work, kids – you did well.


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