Wiki Schedule

Here’s the schedule for reporting and editing of the wiki:

Week of Jan 15, 2013 Report: Kavi, Kendall Edit: Evan, Erin

Week of Jan 22, 2013 Report: Evan Edit: Kavi

Week of Jan 29, 2013 Report: Erin, Randy Edit: Brittany, Damien

Week of Feb 5, 2013 Report: Damien Edit: Kendall

Week of Feb 12, 2013 Report: Brittany Edit: Patty

Week of Feb 19, 2013 Report: Heather Edit: Randy

Week of Mar 5, 2013 Report: Patty Edit: Heather

Week of Mar 19, 2013 Report: Hilary, Lyric Edit: Jessica, David

Week of Mar 26, 2013 Report: Katie Edit: Shanda

Week of Apr 2, 2013 Report: Lexi Edit: Katie

Week of Apr 9, 2013 Report: Shanda Edit: Lexi

Week of Apr 16, 2013 Report: David Edit: Lyric

Week of Apr 23, 2013 Report: Jessica Edit: Hilary


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