Well, it’s been a quiet week in Grady College … which is not at all what I had hoped for.

I am trying to figure out how to get everything in that we need, haven’t solved all of the issues just yet. Working on that today, along with rebuilding the intro class … which may be in somewhat less of a mess.

Let’s start with VizCamps … on Tuesday, Feb. 18, we will catch up on the ones we missed. Ms. Maldonado, Ms. Thompson and Ms. Powers will be up at the start of class. Thursday, Feb. 20, has Ms. Kazmierczak and Ms. Wilder up.

After Tuesday’s trio, we will be talking about shooting video. I have pasted a series of video links below you need to watch between then and now. Fire up your popcorn popper and curl up with your laptop. Please make sure you have a clear SD card with you – we’ll be handing out some small video cameras and you’ll need to format the card.

After Thursday’s duo, it’s time to talk Weekend Workshop stories. You’ll break into small groups to talk through your story ideas. If you haven’t been up to White County yet, you must go before Thursday. It is not a wired county – you need to drive the back roads, shake some hands, in order to find you way around and find story ideas.

Now, on to the entertainment …

Shooting Video

Video Editing: Building Your Timeline

Video Editing: Adding B-Roll

Video Editing: Basic Audio

Video Editing: Adding Graphics and Titles

Video Editing: Adding Transitions and Exporting


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