Wiki Sked

Here it is …

Week of Jan. 14 – Report: Beech; Edit: Hardy
Week of Jan. 21 – Report: Blinder, Cannon; Edit: James, Kazmierczak
Week of Jan. 28 – Report: Hardy, James; Edit: Kent, Maldonado
Week of Feb. 4 – Report: Kazmierzak, Kent; Edit: Pap Rocki, Powers
Week of Feb. 11 – Report: Maldonado, Pap Rocki; Edit: Schafer, Schick
Week of Feb. 18 – Report: Powers, Schafer; Edit: Sutton, Thompson
Week of March 18 – Report: Schuck, Sutton; Edit: Wilder, Yu
Week of March 25 – Report: Thompson; Edit: Beech
Week of April 1 – Report: Wilder; Edit: Blinder
Week of April 8 – Report: Yu; Edit: Cannon

Invitations to the Wiki will be out later today.


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