ASSIGNMENT: Weekend Workshop

As noted in yesterday’s email, all of the photos from the eight Macs we had in Franklin County have been moved into the lab. (Nothing has been deleted off of those machines, so on the off chance you are missing something, let me know and we can search.)

We will start Tuesday’s class with a debrief of the weekend, then you’ll be freed to work on your images. Here’s what you need to produce and how to turn it in:

  • The Story – This is your audio slideshow from the weekend. Length is open, but you need to export it from a licensed version of Soundslides, it needs to be set to the large size, needs to be on a black background AND you must go to Template -> Shell and set it to iOS_html5 so it will play on phones and tablets. Your renamed, exported “publish_to_web” folder should go on the server.
  • Singles – All of the images from your show, cropped, toned and captioned, plus your Places and Faces images and any additional single features you want to submit should go in a separate folder marked with your last name and the slug “workshop_singles.” So, mine would be “Johnson_workshop_singles.”

All of this is due on the server by 2 p.m. on Tuesday, March 5. We will watch the slideshows during class that day.

As for the explainer videos, many of you discovered a problem with importing the Kodak files. I am still working on a solution to that, so don’t worry about it until you hear from me.

As I had planned on being at the NPPA’s Northern Short Course on Thursday, March 7, I believe I told you we would not have class that day. Even though I will not be traveling, I will stand by my word and we will not meet that day as I suspect some of you have already made travel arrangements.

Perhaps we will have an optional class and a screening of either The Paper or Good Night and Good Luck, both relevant to your journalism education. Leave me a comment if you would be interested.


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  1. that sounds like something worth doing -screening

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