Story Ideas – Heather Pitts

1. Auction House.
Darby has owned this auction house in Cannon for 26 years. It is a local spot for regular auction attendees. It is a place of very colorful people. I hoped to take an angel that focused on Darby. I would interview him to get his story, about life and the auction house.  There is a lot of stuff there. I would like to see how these things being bought and sold affect the community. Thus, I would also like to interview some of the people and get their opinions and thoughts about Darby and his establishment. -This takes place from about 5-11pm Thursday through Monday.

2. U.S. Olympic Archer Selector.
I met Rodney Estrada in Lavonia. He works with Emmanuel College and helps with Olympic selections for archery. I am following up more on this Saturday morning to see to what extent it can develop. He claims to do private lessons and team practices at the school. He did have something going the last Friday I was there.

3. Mayberry Tire.
I met the owner of this establishment while in Royston. He owns three different Mayberry Tire Companies. He is very friendly, a UGA Terry graduate who had never done anything with tires before opening his business. He was packed the Friday I was in town. He has lots of people who stop on there way to the lake. I would be looking at the service he provides this community. I would hope to interview regular customers of his, as well as him. And pinpoint his role in the community. (He dates the owner of a shop across the street, it’s precious…no not story worthy but you should know!). Oh, his store has a Andy Griffith theme. It is even playing on the TV when you come in in the waiting room. I would love to parallel his business and the treatment of his to the town and townspeople!


14 Responses to Story Ideas – Heather Pitts

  1. Erin Smith says:

    The auction house idea sounds really cool and probably has the most visual interactions, but I also like the Mayberry Tire idea.

  2. Patty says:

    I’d like to see any of these come to life. As long as there’s stuff to shoot for the whole weekend, I don’t see why any of them wouldn’t work.

  3. Lexi Deagen says:

    I REALLY like the US Olympic story. I think that could be really cool because you’re taking a national story and making it local. Did you find out any more information?! I’d love to hear what you have now!

  4. Heather Pitts says:

    The Olympic story is out. While this is the BEST weekend to photograph this guy and his kiddios in action, it is because they will be at a national competition in Snellville.

    There is also a really awesome guy in Royston who owns a flower shop. It was originally a family owned business. He worked with the family for many years and then bought them out. However, I am more intrigued by the mans window art. He creates it at his house and in his store and sells it from his store as well as in some of the other town shops.

  5. Mark E. Johnson says:

    Tough choices here … the Mayberry Tire has lots of potential, especially if it’s a hangout for locals on Saturday.

    The archery selector is fascinating, but only if something is happening that weekend. If not, may be worth a return trip later on.

    The auction house has potential, too. The action may be limited to the evening, but remember they have to find, sort and set-up things to auction – maybe someone goes out looking for stuff to sell?

  6. jabanes says:

    I really like the Mayberry tire idea. I saw the shop when I went to the antique shop across the street and thought it looked really cool. I think you could get a lot of great human interaction there and get lots of stories from it.

  7. I like the auction house idea

  8. David Bristow says:

    I think the auction house and tire shop are can’t miss. Flower guy could be cool if he’s working on something cool.

  9. Damien Salas says:

    The archer, definitely. Use high shutter speeds to catch the arrows in flight.

  10. It seems like the auction house has a lot of history and fun characters! There is bound to be some great faces to photographs and I’m sure they’ve got some stories to tell!

  11. kavivu says:

    I would love to see the auction house story – I’ve always wondered how/where they get these items. You could also possibly follow an item and see where it goes? … then again – I guess that’d be focusing less on the auction house itself… but it might be neat to see the value of the auction items in different people’s eyes

  12. I think either the auction house or Mayberry Tire could be great stories. I especially love Mayberry Tire because in any other town, there might not be a story there, but in Franklin County, this place is important. I think it would capture an even larger story about the essence of the community.

  13. I vote the auction house. Seems like a lot of characters will be there.

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