Story Ideas

1. So…everyone knows about Mrs. Margaret. Also known as Margaret Ayers, Mrs. Northeast Bank, or that lady that knows everything about Lavonia. I really want to spend the weekend with her learning everything I can about Lavonia and why she has given her whole life to the small town.

2. I found a pool hall that has been around 60 years and the owners of it seem really cool. They love smoking and drinking beer while playing some arcade games or shooting pool. I don’t know if I can do much more with this but it seems like an awesome place for images.

3. I have several different owners of gun shops in the area that would be willing to let me put a “positive” spin on the gun issue. While in reality, I would just want to experience their everyday life.


About showmeyouraperature
My name is Evan and I am a junior at the University of Georgia. I am a photographer at the University of Georgia. I shoot for the Red & Black, Redbull, UGA Athletics, and the Redcoat Band. I hope to keep getting better at wedding photography so I can get my foot in the door around Athens.

13 Responses to Story Ideas

  1. Patty says:

    Yes. Miss Margaret. Yes and yes and yes.

  2. Heather Pitts says:

    Im most intrigued by your second option. Surely there is someone with a good story in there?

  3. Erin Smith says:

    I agree, the pool hall seemed like it could have some pretty cool visuals. And Mrs. Ayers definitely is a character and a busy-body. I think either of those would be good choices.

  4. lyriclewin says:

    Love the Mrs. Ayers idea- she seems to be an icon in Franklin and could give you a cool perspective on the city.

  5. Lexi Deagen says:

    What would be your exact story with Mrs. Margaret? How would you photograph/tell her story?

  6. Mark E. Johnson says:

    Characters in a pool hall will almost always have a good story to tell.

    Mrs. Ayers is a local character, too, but what do you show? She knows all, but how? Can you get to her sources?

  7. jabanes says:

    I think the pool hall would be awesome! Plus, since we’ll be there on the weekend I’m sure you can find plenty of people to talk to and get some great photos!

  8. I think you could get a good story in the pool hall

  9. David Bristow says:

    Ayers would be a great, no doubt. However, any place that still lets you smoke inside has to be harboring interesting people and stories.

  10. Damien Salas says:

    The pool hall sounds like it will show some of the grit in Franklin County. Only on city, Canon, has alcohol. The rest are dry. I think it is an important place to cover. I want to try The Armadillo.

  11. I like the first two ideas the most! Miss Margaret will obviously have something to say, but I agree with Damien about the pool hall. I think it will show the grit and grim of Franklin County — I think that’s a story that most people would avoid doing, so go for it!

  12. Miss Margaret is definitely going to have a story, but I agree with everyone else, you’ll need to make sure the visuals are strong. I think the pool hall is definitely worth a visit and could turn into your story if you spend enough time there. But please at least get an amazing image with all that smoke.

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