Story Ideas

1. Asa ‘Bud’ Brown is a Vietnam Veteran that has a hangar at the Franklin-Hart Airport. He’s been flying for 50 years and got his start flying S-2s and A-4s for the Navy during the war. He joined in 1962 and left in 1969. Since then, he has been flying purely for the love of it. He’s flown to various parts of Alaska multiple times as well as other cities all over the United States in his Swift (which he has owned for 30 years), though he does not fly quite as much currently because of how expensive aviation fuel has gotten. He also has a Navion that he fixed up and repainted to look like the A-4 he flew during the war when he flew off the carrier USS Oriskany.

2. Brian Hart is the owner of Bar-H BBQ. He and his brother opened the restaurant 18 years ago and operated it together until 4 years ago when Brian bought out his brother’s half of the restaurant. The restaurant is open Thursday through Saturday. All of the food is made fresh everyday and the slices of cake sold there are homemade by Brian’s brother’s mother-in-law. The restaurant stays very busy Fridays and Saturdays and draws a diverse crowd.

3. Once Upon A Time is an antique store in downtown Royston. I talked to one of the employees, Barbara Terry, and she gave me the contact information for the owner of the store, Diana Hegger (I haven’t been able to get in touch with her yet). The store is only open on Saturdays, it seems because Hegger also owns a farm and works as a pediatric specialty nurse. Most of the products, from what Terry told me, comes from auctions and estates.


9 Responses to Story Ideas

  1. Patty says:

    BBQ restaurant. People are very passionate about barbecue. Be sure to ask what makes Georgia barbecue different from Memphis, Kansas City, etc.

  2. Heather Pitts says:

    So you can fight Lexi for your first idea or I also think you have a good story with your second option.

  3. Mark E. Johnson says:

    I love planes, and I used to cover the town the USS Oriskany is named for (Revolutionary War battle there), but if he’s not flying that may not work … does he hang out at the airport and work on his planes?

    BBQ joints almost always make good stories as everyone believes they know BBQ – ad if they’re eating there, they think that’s the best one in town. Would lean towards that as a primary.

  4. Erin Smith says:

    As I said on Lexi’s, I really like the Bud idea, but I think Bar-H BBQ is also a good idea. When we were in Franklin Co. and we were trying to find restaurants, several people mentioned that place.

  5. I think you should pursue the Bud story

  6. David Bristow says:

    The best barbecue restaurants can be microcosms of the entire community. Every stage and station of life is represented-all assembled for a singular purpose. But don’t forget the most important question: how good is their sweet tea?

  7. Damien Salas says:

    Bud Brown. Better claim him quick before I try to steal him. He was my next choice after McSpadden. Also, I’ll go to the BBQ with you. Sounds like an opportunity to get some free food.

  8. Everyone wants to know about food and everyone loves barbecue. Done.

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