Lyric Lewin- Story Ideas

1.  Willow Tree Pottery Studio

Doctors and physical therapists can help the body recover from trauma, but only art can help the soul heal.  Julie Cavendar started Willow Tree Pottery

“As a means of physical and emotional therapy after a near-fatal car accident that left Julie with multiple trauma, massive orthopedic injuries, closed head injury and the loss of her unborn son.

While exercises healed her body making beautiful pottery helped heal her soul.

We planted a willow tree as a memorial to our son and as each piece of pottery is lovingly formed and handled, and marked with a willow tree his spirit lives on….”

I’ve spoken with Sherry McDonald and she was willing to let me come to the studio.  She is a “folk artist, carver of hand-made walking canes” – 706-245-6435


2. Hayes Farm

Two howling dogs meet you at the end of the dirt driveway.  Doesn’t bother the owner much, he’s a little hard of hearing to begin with.  Past the clouds of dirt kicked up from the car tires, lies sprawling and rolling farmland.  This is Hayes Farm, Ron and Patricia Hayes grow fresh produce in the, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it town, of Canon, Georgia. 

4229 New Franklin Church Road




3.  211 Mainstreet Cafe. 

I talked to the owners and even though they are closed on the weekend they said I could go to church with them on Sunday.  I could also go up to Franklin early on Friday and photograph them in the store.


9 Responses to Lyric Lewin- Story Ideas

  1. Hilary Maloney says:

    Willow Tree sounds amazing! Great story.

  2. Mark E. Johnson says:

    How much will Cavendar be doing on the weekend? Like that idea, concerned about her actually doing things. The farm has potential, too, and it’s more likely they will work the weekend.

  3. jabanes says:

    I love the history and purpose of Willow Tree! I think visually it will be very interesting too (much like that video we watched on the metal worker).

  4. Patty says:

    Love the farm idea, though how much produce will be available to photograph in mid-February? Ask them what’s in season and if they’re growing it.

  5. Erin Smith says:

    I think the farm idea has a lot of potential.

  6. Heather Pitts says:

    I say the first one. I am simply interested in this lady. BUT If you believe your second one will bring you greater success then go with it.

  7. Art therapy is an amazing that one!

  8. Damien Salas says:

    The Hayes farm story calls out to me. I think the faces are a must for the “Faces of Franklin County” part of this assignment.

  9. I think the art therapy would be really really interesting.

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