Lexi story ideas

1. So, I’ve visited the airport a few times and met Bud Brown. He’s an awesome guy! I know everyone is like in love with Dick McSpadden, but Bud is also a cool guy! He is a retired Navion (Navy pilot) and flew during Vietnam. He even still has his uniform and the shell of a bomb in his hangar! He has two planes, one is a refurbished US Navy plane that has been repainted in his squadron colors. The other is a small, spitfire type plane that is blue with yellow accents (a little badass plane!). He also works on other people’s planes. While I was there the other day, he was helping retired Air Force pilot Steve Whittenberger (who also hangs out at the airport) stabilize his propeller. If I could mix his present, retired life white some war or Navy stories, I think it could be awesome.

Franklin-Hart Airport, Canon, Ga.

Bud Brown– (706)-245-7555, (706)-498-3929

Steve Whittenberger–sjwhitt8@gmail.com


2. There’s a small cafe in downtown Lavonia that is simply called Downtown Cafe. It is owned by Abraham, who has a cute little accent! The wait staff is all very friendly, down-to-earth type people. They serve Greek and Italian food that is really good! Damien and I tested it. Abraham seemed very eager to talk about his business and life! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to talk to him more than that one time, but I would love to talk to him and find out more about him and the history behind the restaurant. It was a hoppin’ little place!!!

Downtown Cafe–203 W Main St  Lavonia, GA 30553, (706) 356-2535, Abraham–owner


3. When Damien and I went over to Carnesville, we ran across this quaint, family-owned pharmacy. It was owned by Suzanne Sullivan, who was quite a character. She was awesome. Yes, I know Damien pitched this story, too. But, Suzanne was just awesome. The pharmacy has been open for 56 years! Her father that opened the pharmacy is still alive and willing to speak. I hope at least SOMEONE does this story because it’s going to be an awesome story, pictures, and interview.

Suzanne Sullivan–9563 Lavonia Rd  Carnesville, GA 30521, (706) 384-2022


I also wanted to do a farm, but the one I found was on the border and technically in Elbert County. I’ve been scrambling to find another and have some feelers out, but if that sounds like a better story, I’ll keep looking.


Sorry I’m late posting, but I’m techo-retarded and couldn’t figure out where to go to post for about an hour!


12 Responses to Lexi story ideas

  1. Patty says:

    Planes. They’re fun. Do that one.

  2. Heather Pitts says:

    I think you could make something pretty grand from your first story pitch.

  3. Erin Smith says:

    Bud. Those guys at the airport were really cool, and I think there is a lot of potential there.

  4. Mark E. Johnson says:

    Is the Downtown Cafe a three-meal restaurant? Tracing his relationships with customers through the different meals would be great.

    A little worried about a story about a pilot that doesn’t fly a lot … though, if he’s working on planes for others, that might work.

  5. jabanes says:

    Bud is an amazing guy. I really enjoyed talking with him. I think he definitely does have a great story to be told, especially with his Navy background and his Swift (the awesome blue plane). If Bud doesn’t work out visually, I think the cafe has potential!

  6. I think the pharmacy would be cool

  7. David Bristow says:

    I’d probably go with Bud. The visuals will be great, especially so if he’s doing some mechanic-ing. Sounds like the audio will be pretty cool, too.

  8. Damien Salas says:

    You should get with those organic farmers.

  9. I really like the pharmacy idea! 56 years and her father opened it! I think the history of that compared to now could be really interesting!

  10. kavivu says:

    Would he. be able. to give you a ride? that would be so awesome. I think the plane idea is great, but I also like the hometown feel of the cafe! If it’s a place where people go to talk just relax and have that small-town, small talk, that would be amazing if you covered it.

  11. Tie between the cafe & Bud

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