Katie’s Photo Pitches

  • Antique Outlet Mall: There is a huge antique outlet mall in downtown Lavonia. The owner, Stuart, took me around for almost an hour just talking about what was in the mall and what the building used to be. He is definitely one of the most opinionated people I’ve met and also has practically no filter. He was more hesitant to agree to a story on himself, but he gladly said I could do a story on the shop and one of the workers, Anne, who has been working there for a while. 
  • Lavonia Community Garden: The Lavonia Community Garden is a non-profit organization that provides garden lots for people in the community with low-incomes or without places to grow their own food. This mission of the organization is to offer a place for people in the community to change their lifestyle eating habits and start eating healthier. It is also geared to teaching kids to grow things and also to prepare healthy foods. And it is used as a means of bringing the community together. They can then sell their produce at the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. 
  • Mac’s Donut Cafe: This cafe is a community staple in downtown Lavonia and has many regular customers. The owner makes in house donuts every morning and starts early (3AM)! I feel like this could be an interesting place to showcase different people in the community and their support of local, long-term businesses. 

More ideas to come soon…


12 Responses to Katie’s Photo Pitches

  1. Patty says:

    I don’t think Stuart will have a problem opening up about himself once you get him talking about the mall and how long he’s been in the antiques biz. The donut cafe is a close second, however.

  2. Erin Smith says:

    Ha! I think that antique mall guy is the one Shanda and I talked to on our first visit. You’re right. No filter.

    I really like the Community Garden idea. It may be a little difficult to focus the story, but it sounds like it has a lot of visual potential.

  3. Heather Pitts says:

    Ahh! I wanted to look into your options 1 and 3 but I did not have the time. Your first idea does not seem as interesting or as important to me as your 2nd and 3rd choices do. I would go with option 2 probably. Maybe 3 if you think the clientele is that diverse and that you will have enough time to interview them -or if you choose to keep it on the baker.

  4. Lexi Deagen says:

    I LOVE the Community Garden idea. I would follow through with that one!

  5. Mark E. Johnson says:

    Well, you know – DONUTS.

    Is anyone doing winter produce in the garden? Like that story, worried that no one will be there.

    Which leaves the antiques mall. If there’s someone there to focus on, a great character, that can work well.

  6. jabanes says:

    I think you could get some cool photos of the donut place, especially if they let you in at 3 to photograph them as they work. The garden idea is neat too and could involve a lot of people, but it does depend on whether they have anything going on during the winter (well, if you can call this weather winter).

  7. I like the garden if there’s something going on there.

  8. I really like the community garden idea

  9. David Bristow says:

    It sounds like the real story at the antique mall is the owner. If you can get him to agree to be the subject, I’d go with that.

  10. Damien Salas says:

    Please do all three. These places all seem really quaint and sweet. Also, if you see anything cool at the antique mall, let me know.

  11. kavivu says:

    Just reading about the community garden gives me tons of visuals. I’d looove to see what you come back with if you explore that one!

  12. Community Garden!! Great visuals, inspiring, and also ties in the strong agricultural roots of the county.

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