B-ROB Franklin County Stories

1. Becky Finley owns a little hotdog stand right outside of historic downtown Lavonia. The stand traveled around for decades to county fairs, but the owner sat it in Lavonia and it’s been there since 1973. It’s a part of the historic registry. The manager Gini gave me her contact information: 706-202-8801 and they seem thrilled to have a story done on them. I like the angle of a little piece of town history that hasn’t gone out of business (most of the cute homemade ice-cream stands, etc. have been shutting down), and the historical piece provides a cool angle. Anyone have any ideas where I could go about tracking down old pictures of the stand throughout the years?

2. Tied for first place in my mind, is Billy Weeks, an ole cowboy that oversees two farms/ranches in the hills of Franklin County. You can see one farm down the valley from the other, and he handles the care and upkeep of the horses and the barns. A vet paid him a visit while we were with him on a Friday afternoon. He smokes and drives a classic pick-up truck, and wears a cowboy hat. He interests me with his willingness to let me do a story on him even though he said there’s nothin to tell about him. 706-308-5623

3. Barely in second place (need input here because I love all of these stories) is the Cheek christmas tree and peach farm. The only reason this story is not my number one option is because Mr. Lane Cheek wasn’t as thrilled about me doing a story on him. I could hear his children and a baby in the background while we were on the phone, so maybe it was just a bad time… But the farm is GORGEOUS. It stretches almost half a mile on the way from Lavonia to Canon and he has peaches, fruit and christmas trees. It’s a passed-down family farm. A possible back story – the old owner died right before Christmas this year.

6136 Georgia 17, Canon, Ga. 706-245-8810

Story Idea for someone else:

  • When Shane came in to speak, the piece of information I couldn’t shake about Franklin county, was… wait, there’s really no walmart? Suburban America is dependent on Walmart and other chain “General Stores” and grocers. Franklin County has three grocery stores owned by the Dill family. Karen Dill was classmates with the well-known “Mama Lynn.” Dill’s, and Lavonia Food are in Lavonia, and there’s a newer one that was recently opened in one of the other cities. Ask for Adrian who runs all the grocery stores. 

11 Responses to B-ROB Franklin County Stories

  1. theshandacrowe says:

    I vote Cowboy Bill. He sounds like a good ole country boy, and I’m a sucker for a farm with horses. The hotdog stand sounds interesting, but the farm offers so many more picture opportunities.

  2. Mark E. Johnson says:

    I’m with you on the first-choice tie … what are the hot dog stand hours? It may be very slow, or not open, for a good chunk of the weekend. Historical photos might be in the newspapers’ library or the county library/historical society. The owner may have some, too.

    Pairing you with Billy Weeks to shoot Billy Weeks is just too easy … but I may do it, just for the entertainment value alone. Plus, cowboys almost always do neat things in great light.

  3. Patty says:

    When people say there’s nothing to tell, there’s always something to tell. Cowboy. But the hot dog stand owners probably have some old photos they’d share with you too.

  4. Heather Pitts says:

    Ah! Such good first choices. I would go with whichever one allows you more access/ lets you will interact with more people, things, etc.

  5. Erin Smith says:


  6. jabanes says:

    Billy Weeks would be awesome. Even though there might not be a story right now, I’m positive you would come across one during the workshop!

  7. I like both your second and third choices a lot. Maybe do the Christmas tree and peach farm if he allows you to

  8. David Bristow says:

    “Neat things in great light”… Yea, go with that.

  9. Damien Salas says:

    I vote for the cowboy. Great portrait opportunity. Use dawn or dusk to light him!

  10. I love both of them. It seems like someone has to do Billy Weeks. If you don’t, I just might.

  11. Billy Weeks. People that think there’s “nuthin much to tell” always have the best stories.

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