Shanda Crowe- Story Ideas

So for my first and favorite, I have Mr. Richard “Dick” McSpadden. As Damien said, Dick is probably one of the coolest guys I have ever met, but too bad for Damien, I found him first! Dick volunteers at the Franklin-Hart Regional Airport after retiring from Wells Fargo. He has landed his plane in each of the contiguous states except for Delaware, which he plans to visit soon. As part of the Young Eagles program, he has given 237 kids (age 7-19) the experience of flying in a four seater circa-1950s U.S. Air Force airplane. After an hour of talking, I can definitively say that he has lived in every city in the United States… seemed like it anyway. One of his sons flies commercially for UPS and another is a former U.S. Air Force Thunderbird #1 (complete with Discovery Channel special on his time there). I could go on, but basically he has been a lot of places and done a lot of things, so I cannot wait to learn more.


My second is one Mrs. Ola Coombs, owner and manager of Ola’s Quilt Shop in Lavonia. Though I haven’t met her in person, she sounds like a rather old, little woman based on how many times I had to repeat myself and half-yell into the phone. She leads a “quilting troupe” that occasionally hosts classes and shows.

Finally, there is Mama Lynn’s Place. She has been covered in the news often, so she clearly has a story to tell. Mama Lynn is an ordained pastor and philanthropist who owns a few restaurants as well as runs a soup kitchen.


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12 Responses to Shanda Crowe- Story Ideas

  1. Lexi Deagen says:

    Dick is awesome! Make sure you tell his story as well as you can. He has an amazing ability to tell stories and capture people’s attention. HAVE FUN!

  2. jabanes says:

    Dick is a fantastic individual. I got to talk to him for a little while after I met Bud (who also flies out of Franklin-Hart) and he is amazing. There are definitely many stories you can tell about him. He mentioned to me that you had stopped by a previous weekend and that he wanted to take you for a flight. Enjoy it, because those Navions are wicked awesome planes!! He’s broken the speed record in it before.

  3. Patty says:

    I think Dick wins here.

  4. Erin Smith says:

    Mr. McSpaddin!!!!!!

  5. Mark E. Johnson says:

    McSpadden, as long as he’ll be doing something that weekend.

    The quilting place is possibly another form of local gathering. There are several ideas out here on places that men gather, where do the women gather? That side of the county needs to be shown, too.

  6. Heather Pitts says:

    I am in favor of your first pitch. Someone else is also looking at your third one…? And I met Miss Ola. I don’t think that is a strong story.

  7. jabanes says:

    I really like Dick’s story. I got to talk to him some after I talked to Bud and he is one cool guy. He mentioned that he had talked to you and wanted to take you for a flight. Enjoy it!! Those navions are wicked awesome planes 🙂

  8. David Bristow says:

    Heather’s right. The quilting club might be interesting, but I’m not sure that Ola would be a very strong narrator. Gotta go with Dick here.

  9. Damien Salas says:

    Dick McSpadden.

  10. I think it goes without saying.. McSpadden

  11. Go flying with McSpadden. That easily wins.

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