Hilary Story Ideas

1. Tom and Charon Caldwell own Caldwell Saddle Company and are renowned saddle makers and leather workers. Tom studied engineering at Georgia Tech, and Charon apprenticed under Billy Cook, one of the top saddle engineers in the industry. The Caldwells have essentially redesigned and reinvented the saddle to better fit the horse and its rider, and people come from all over the country to  have their horses fitted for a completely custom Caldwell saddle. The Caldwells run their business out of a large barn that is half workshop, half stable. They have ridden horses both recreationally and competitively and are passionate about their work. They live and work in Toccoa, Ga, right inside of Franklin County, and I’m excited about documenting a few days of their lives–everything from interactions with their beloved border collies to the intricacies of saddle making. I love this story because I feel like its a fresh angle yet still captures the essence of this predominantly agricultural community.

2. Dr. Leslie Lord will be the on-call large animal vet for the Royston Animal Hospital during the weekend of our visit. She is a UGA grad and one of 8 doctors at the state-of-the-art facility that includes a groomer and dentistry. The offices are open Friday until 6pm and Saturday 8-noon, and Dr. Lord will also be available all weekend for farm calls.

3. Chan and Lou Cabe are cattle farmers in the Red Hill Community, and their son Will Cade and his wife live on the farm and manager its day to day operation. I’m interested in capturing the generations and perhaps also illustrating the harsh realities of farm life juxtaposed to the picturesque and idyllic lifestyle that many assume farmers lead.

12 Responses to Hilary Story Ideas

  1. I like the top story a lot. I can tell you’re passionate about it too!

  2. theshandacrowe says:

    The saddle story sounds really neat. Anything with dogs and horses is good by me.

  3. Lexi Deagen says:

    I love the saddle story. It’s a huge part of the community there, so I think this is a story that needs to be told! Great idea!

  4. Mark E. Johnson says:

    The saddle story has a lot of potential, will they be working over the weekend? That’ll be a key part of this – how they make them, working with customers. But also could be the problem of they’re not actually working.

    The vet is a great story, too, but only if they get a call … how likely is that based on other weekends/history?

  5. jabanes says:

    I really like the saddle story! I think there is a great story to be told. If that doesn’t work out though, I really like the generational farm story. I think there could be a lot of depth to it.

  6. Patty says:

    The Cabe/Cade family (you spelled it both ways) is what I’m rooting for.

  7. Erin Smith says:

    I really like the saddle story… but I also like the cattle farm story too, mostly because my grandfather is a cattle farmer. ha

  8. Heather Pitts says:

    I really like your first story and then your third one. I would stick with the saddles if you can though.

  9. I love the saddle story!

  10. David Bristow says:

    I’d go with the saddlers. The vet could be a good story, but you could get screwed if she doesn’t get any calls or if her clients don’t want making images of their animals or themselves.

  11. Damien Salas says:

    The saddle maker story is most unique, I would love to take some pictures at the cattle farm.

  12. I am in favor of the leather story idea…seems like some real history there.

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