ASSIGNMENT: Shoot to Sound

Each of you should have your MP3 file now. Listen to it, read through the general (unedited, I know there are typos, and I changed a few phrases but the sentiment remains the same so STOP BUGGING ME) transcript so you have a sense of where the photos should be made. All but the first segment are on campus, that one can be done at your home and along almost any travel route.

If you are, uh, geographically campus challenged, let me know and I’ll tell you where to start and finish your tour.

For Thursday, Feb. 7, you need to have an exported audio slideshow on the server. Please rename the “publish_to_web” folder with the segment number you have and your initials. So, if I were to do the first one, it would be “01_mej”. Please note that 1-9 need to have a zero in front so everything stays in order.

Sorry you have to listen to my voice, but it may be more enjoyable than your own …


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