Outside Learning

February 28, 2012, 7:00PM-8:30PM in Adinkra Hall
DO WE HAVE ISSUES: Representations of African American Women in Contemporary Media

This program will be a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Freda Giles. With this program we plan to stimulate discussion on the standards of beauty, skin complexion, hair texture, self-esteem, the idea of the African-American woman being considered self-centered, “ghetto”, promiscuous, loud, obnoxious, or goldiggers. We also plan to discuss the various roles that African-American women play in the media such as the entertainer, mother, wife, grandmother, etc.

The panel members are as follows:

Dr. Freda Giles (African American theatre and drama), moderator;

Dr. Lesley Feracho, (comparative studies of twentieth century Afro-Hispanic and African American women’s narrative, African American and Latin American feminist theory, race and popular culture in Latin America, identity and migration in Latin American, Spanish Caribbean and English Caribbean women’s fiction, and Afro-Brazilian contemporary prose and fiction)

Dr. Juanita Johnson-Bailey, (Research Interests: gender and race in educational and workplace settings)

Dr. Valerie Babb, (African American literature and culture, and American literature and culture, with particular interests in constructions and performances of race and gender) 2 points


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