ASSIGNMENT: Blogs, Reading, Etc.

By Friday afternoon at 5 p.m., you need to set up a blog. I recommend as I find it to be the most flexible option out there, but you can use Blogger or Tumblr if you prefer – just make sure it has a functioning RSS feed.

Once you have it set up, please do an introductory post and send me a link to the site. I’ll compile a list of everyone’s over the weekend and post it here.

You should also start thinking about what issue you want to work on covering this semester – something with some depth. By next Thursday, Jan. 19, you should have a post up with several ideas. I want everyone to take a look at everyone else’s ideas and leave comments. Use these blogs as a conversation, an extension of the class.

You should also start reading Mark Briggs’ Journalism 2.0. Download the PDF and dig in – there’s some stuff in there you already know, but there’s a lot of good info in there, too.

The publisher and editor from the Hartwell Sun will be joining us in class on Thursday, Jan. 19. Not a bad idea to start reading up on Hart County now, I expect you to have questions about the country for them.


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