ASSIGNMENT: Weekend Workshop Shows

Okay, we’ve gone through Tuesday already. On Thursday, we’ll do our VizCamp, then send you back to the computers.

Next Tuesday, you’ll have until 3 p.m. to get your workshop packages together. Here’s what you need:

    Folder One: This will have your completed audio slide show from your main story.

    Folder Two: This will have all of your images, full size and with full captions, from your story, any additional ones you want to submit that were not used in your story and any singles you shot over the course of the weekend.

Your second local story, as discussed, can now be either an audio slideshow or a video. Your science piece will still be on video (and you should be researching that continuously – who will you interview, what will you ask, what will your shots be). After break, we’ll put together a co-produced video assignment, something short but powerful, to get you ramped up on video. We will also talk about storyboarding (which is why you need to be doing your pre-reporting/recording work now).

Nice work this past weekend, the editors really were happy to have worked with you.

Make sure you send them a note of thanks.


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