The Blogs

Along the right hand side of this page there are now links to everyone’s web sites. (Check to make sure yours is working correctly, some of you created new sites for this course, which is fine, but make sure I grabbed the right link.)

Everyone has an active RSS feed that you can use to follow them or, if you want, I created one massive RSS feed that has all 16 of you in it. (Clicking that link should take you to the feed, which you can then add to your reader. This is the first time I’ve ever done that, so let me know if it works out.)

Most of you got a post up by the Friday deadline. If you didn’t, get on it right now.

A few quick tips … make sure your name is on the site clearly. Some of you are using templates and settings that don’t show the authors name or haven’t written a good About page – you should get that taken care of ASAP.

And speaking of About pages, have you looked at Did you request your name? It’s not a very expansive site right now, but it gives you a landing page that will let you link to everything else you have on the web. I’m at if you want a quick look. I haven’t fully exploited this yet but probably will work on it more this semester.

Now, as for Twitter … you should be on there. I still don’t know what it’s value for journalism is, but I keep playing with it. You should, too. Once we have everyone there, I’ll create a list you can follow. So, email me your Twitter handle and I’ll get that built.


2 Responses to The Blogs

  1. Sara says:

    My blog’s on my website now–

  2. Mark E. Johnson says:

    Link to the right has been updated.

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