ASSIGNMENT: Deadline Outline

Some of you have asked for some more details on deadlines, happy to oblige. These may change, but should hold pretty steady. This does not include everything you’re going to do, just the major projects. (And I’ll add in the VizCamp dates after we choose them.)


  • Jan. 18 – Short paper and video shot (to be edited in class in the coming weeks)


  • Starting Jan. 21, you should have at least one blog post up each week on your ongoing personal project. This can be photos, audio, video, background information, your reaction to the project, a set of links to similar projects or stories, etc.
  • April 28 – Final project presentation


  • tba


  • Feb. 10 – Review story ideas
  • Feb. 25-27 – Shoot weekend in Habersham County. (I know some of you have classes on Friday, talk to me and let me know what your sked can be for that day. Everyone will need to be there all day Saturday and Sunday until around 2 p.m.)
  • March 8 – Audio slide show from primary story


Audio Slideshows

  • Feb. 1 – Melanie, Sarah, Abriauna, Laura
  • Feb. 8 – Sara, Frances, Elizabeth, Kathryn
  • Feb. 15 – Ashlee, Megan, Melissa, Aaron
  • Feb. 22 – Cathryn, Natalie, Holly, Alyson


  • March 22 – Melanie, Frances, Abriauna, Alyson
  • March 29 – Sarah, Sara, Holly, Kathryn
  • April 5 – Cathryn, Natalie, Melissa, Laura
  • April 12 – Ashlee, Elizabeth, Megan, Aaron


  • Feb. 17 – Review of subject ideas
  • March 3 – Subject decision made
  • April 14 – First draft
  • April 26 – Finished video due

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