How to/Why to/What to Recycle: (Kat and I have similar ideas… trying to decide how they can be different)
I would like to do a story on the importance of recycling. So many students do not know what, how or why to recycle. This story would show exactly what is good to recycle, where to take it, and pros and cons of recycling. I would talk to Andrew Lentini, the campus coordinator for recycling at UGA: He has also worked for ACC Recycling.
Visuals would include people actually recycling, things that can be recycled, students who care about recycling demonstrating what can be recycled and why. Also, where the items go after they have been placed in the recycling bins.
One thought… I could even find someone who has never recycled and show them going through the process of finding out about it and what they learn. Show them recycling for the first time.
My alternate idea was: 

UGA architects and Green roof projects
This story would discuss the universities efforts to create buildings that conserve energy. My main contact would be Kevin Kirsche, assistant director of UGA architects: (706)549-7181 and (706)542-5943. He has been involved in the process of green roofs on campus. I would have visuals of buildings that are leade certified. I would also have visuals inside the buildings. Lighting could be interesting in some of the buildings where they let more light in, during the winter, to minimize heat cost.

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