Energy Project

I plan on doing a video on the Georgia Nature Center. I’m still trying to get in touch with them, but I plan to interview someone who works at the nature center, and I want to focus on the Clean Energy Exhibition and the “Next Generation” home. I also need to find out if there are any solar powered concerts coming up because I would also do a little segment on that.

For my final local story… to be determined soon.


About Lindsay Dobras
I am a senior journalism student at the University of Georgia. I couldn't possibly have asked for a better four years in Athens. I always dreamed of going to UGA, and my time here has been unforgettable. I met the greatest people in the world, I have had many amazing experiences, and I have learned more about myself than I ever thought I could. My passion is photography. I got my first camera when I was in middle school, and I have been taking pictures ever since. I hope to one day open my own business doing event, engagement, sports, nature and portrait photography. Or anything that anyone will hire me for. I'm not picky. I just like having a camera in my hands. And of course, go dawgs!

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