Workshop Ideas

I’m going to focus mainly on Bowman, and I encourage anyone else to join me. There are some really interesting characters around there, not to mention the beautiful land.

1) Antiques in Bowman I visited Bowman this past Friday and spent all afternoon in and out of the antique shops in the square. Other than concentrating on the strict business of these shops, I’d like to look at the relationships the shop owners share with each other and their ties to the square and their hopes for the future. I’ll be talking to Ray and Bonnie at Ya Ya Sister’s Antique, Ann’s Tiques, and Carol Oglesby. There are also two other shops in the square — one that took Friday afternoon off when I was there but looked promising, and another one who was being kept by a friend that day. I’d try to go back sometime this week to catch them again, but these shops are conveniently only open from Thurs/Fri-Sun.

2) Lila David is 90 years old and still a force of nature. She was entertaining company when I called on Friday, but was open to talking about Bowman and it’s history with me. I think someone else mentioned her in class, but I thought I would still include her if I could. Carol Oglesby shared some funny anecdotes with me about her, and it seems like she really shares some great relationships with the town.

3) Bowman Drug Store is not a drug store any more, but just a catch all shop. Heard that there was an original soda fountain there, would be fun to shoot.

4) Car Dealership on the way into Bowman on 172, there is this incredible yard of cars, old and new. Would be fun to shoot that if I could.

5) Scott Harpold is really interested in restoring Bowman, and specializes in restoring old properties and adding them to Historical Registers. His mother (in-law?) owns and operates Ann’s Tiques. Recently a write up in the paper about him. Might be available next weekend.


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