Katherine’s Story Ideas

Main Focus: Fancy Feather Farms is a local farm that raises emu and other animals and grows much of their own vegetables.  They produce and sell emu oil and make other skin healing products on site.  The also use emu meat and eggs for food. I want to do a story on the routine of the farm and focus on how they make their own skin care products.

Backup Plan: My back up plan is Anne Jenson etching.  She was a Disney portrait artist before moving home to Elberton in 1979.  She worked as a portrait artist in town for a few years then started etching granite in 1989. I would like to do a profile peice on her and have the nice visuals of her working on an etching.

(I am a little concerned that the Fancy Feathers Farm will not be as successful as I want because she said it is the winter and they are older so they don’t do much around the farm anymore. I am hoping that watching her make the skin care products will offer a good visual element.)


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