Jenna’s Story Ideas

Primary ideas:

1.  First Methodist Church organist, Angela Fleischer.   First United Methodist Church is starting major renovation.  It’s a positive and welcome change for the church, but members are anxious about these changes.  The visual halmark for this change is the giant organ located in the heart of the sanctuary.  Angela Fleischer is the main organist for the church, so I would like to have her as my main focus for the story.

2.  Granite Bowl/Historical Society

Iris Anderson, a member of the historical society, has done a lot of work for the city of Elberton.  Anderson helped rebuild the theatre, and considers the Granite Bowl her baby.

Likewise, Stuart (and Bunny) Lyle are working hard to protect the landmarks of Elberton.  Similar to Iris Anderson, just another two people who work to improve and support Elbert county.

Other ideas:

Audrey Harden performs as Nancy Hart.  A profile on her and what she does would be interesting

I’d also like to call around just to see if there are any weddings going around that weekend.  Does anyone have any information on this yet?


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