Autumn’s Elbert County Stories

Primary ideas:

(1) Ray’s Food Store is a grocery store in Bowman. The man who owns it is also the butcher, seller, etc. for the store. Since Ray does all/most the work for the store (I  have some research to do this week), I think it would be cool to hear about how things got started, what his life is like. Not to mention, there could be some great visuals. (706-245-5363)

(2) Steve Mooney is the man who carved the granite Georgia bulldog in Sanford Stadium. He’s an interesting character who has a lot to say and is really involved in the Bohemian culture in Elberton. He’s still a granite carver, so hopefully I could get in on his studio time. (706-567-2656)

Secondary ideas:

(1) Star Granite is one of the main granite companies in Elbert County. They not only work with granite, but have recently taken up bronzing. The visuals for this would be great, aside from the obvious fact that the granite business is relevant to the county. (Rusty Adams, 706-283-5248)

(2) Windell Cleveland lives on Lake Russell. Another interesting character–he has kept every piece of farming equipment (and random other home goods from decades and decades past) in sheds on his property. He’s pretty passionate about his family history, so that would be a really cool guy to talk to. (706-2835482)

(3) Davis Floral is a floral company in Elbert County with lots of greenhouses–would be really cool to check out. (706-283-1396)


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