ASSIGNMENT: Interview and B-roll

For Tuesday’s class, please shoot an interview with someone and gather some b-roll. We’ll be talking a little more about the editing process in class along with some final details about the workshop.

Ray Farkas and Alex Chadwick used to pair up for a television news segment called, “Interviews, 50 Cents.” It was a simple premise – they’d drop a table with a sign on it somewhere and put down two chairs, Chadwick would sit in one and they’d wait. Eventually, somebody would sit for an interview. Chadwick is a brilliant interviewer, on the same level as Ira Glass in evoking a mood and drawing people out.

The older pieces are online at the Musarium site (Farkas passed away a few years ago). And it appears that Chadwick is still doing them, now for There’s less b-roll in these then I’d like to see in your pieces, but they’re still good pieces of storytelling.

Farkas was a brilliant producer and director – take a look at this piece he did on September 13, 2001, in New York City. He lets the people tell their own story so eloquently and so passionately … it’s the sort of open, honest, visceral storytelling we can practice ourselves.


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