Energy Ideas

1) Historical Preservation: Old College

Is it better to tear down an energy inefficient building and build a LEED one in its place? Or is it more energy efficient to retrofit the old building to be more energy efficient? What are the energy efficiency comparisons between new LEED buildings, such as Tate 2, and retrofit buildings, such as Old College? What are the cultural concerns? What do environmental engineers and architects think/prefer/predict?

Sources: Kevin Kirsche, University Architect’s Office, Sustainability Coordinator; Daniel Nadenick, dean of Landscape Architecture and Design school, doctoral degree in historical preservation

Shots: Old College renovation project (other North Campus buildings), construction details, energy monitors, comparison shots with the older buildings, shots of the new buildings (art school and Tate 2)

2) Methane recapture in landfills

What is methane recapture? How much energy does it produce and how much money does it make? Is a trend developing with methane recapture? How do bioreactors play into the landfill system? What are the positives and negatives to methane recapture? Students initiated the methane recapture project for Athens’s landfill, and their proposal was adopted. How do students play into the energy solutions?

Sources: Shanell Davis, wrote the methane recapture proposal through Roosevelt; Kelly Girtz, county commissioner, spear-heading the methane recapture program; Dekalb County landfill manager

Shots: Dekalb County’s methane recapture system; Athens’s landfil; plans for construction; how the energy will be used–sold to GA Power or to UGA

3) Beyond Coal Campaign

What is the Beyond Coal Campaign? How is it being implemented at UGA? How does the coal plant work? What are the alternatives that the physical plant are looking at to replace the coal? Where does the coal come from? What are the social implications? What are the environmental implications? How are students playing a role in this campaign? How are students playing a role in the energy crisis?

Sources: Sheena Zhang, president for Students for Environmental Action enacting Beyond Coal Campaign; Ken Crowe, energy coordinator for physical plant; Kelsea Norris, executive for Sierra Student Coalition, organizer in Coal River Valley

Shots: coal plant at UGA; pictures from Kelsea’s work in coal river and mountain top removal site; biomass plant, tree farms; Beyond Coal Event; student group working on camapign


One Response to Energy Ideas

  1. Mark E. Johnson says:

    Three strong possibilities here. Any concern that the Old College renovations won’t be at a point where there will be something to shoot?

    Methane recapture folks should want some coverage, so I’m not too concerned about access there.

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