Five ideas are better than two?!

1. Athens-Clarke County light ordinance.  As I said in class, this could be a story about the issue and the progress (or lack thereof) of conserving energy through the light ordinance.  The commissioner that I remember pushing the ordinance last year was Kelly Girtz, so I would start with him.

2. This article explains how UGA engineering professor William Kisaalita who revamped a fancy beer cooler into a milk cooler that uses renewable energy to keep the energy cool.  The milk coolers will be used to help small-scale dairy farmers in Uganada.  This might be a cool story worth exploring.  On the down side, I might not be able to make it to Uganda to shoot some video. 

3. Along the same lines as idea #2, a Red & Black article written last October describes another engineering professor, John Worley, who specializes in energy conservation in on dairy farms.  The article says he’s been working to improve energy efficiency on dairy farms for the last 20 years.  I like the idea of this story because it’s already got a visual aspect to it. 

4. Another professor!  This time in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences.  One of Dr. Jorge Atiles research areas is energy conservation and literacy.  His faculty bio says he provides educational programs on Radon gas, natural gas and energy.  I could contact him and see what sorts of projects he’s working on right now. 

5. Another, less specific, idea.  A tour of Buford Dam on Lake Lanier and the hydroelectric plant there?  The only issue with this is that hydroelectric power only makes up 3 percent of Georgia’s total power consumption, according to the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority.  That same Webpage shows that coal power makes up 64 percent, so I think that would be a more important focus.  I’m just not sure where to begin with that.


One Response to Five ideas are better than two?!

  1. Mark E. Johnson says:

    I’m all for dam stories … and I think you hit something interesting there: with all the talk about water, we use very little of it for generating electricity.

    Is there a way to link ideas two and three? Traveling to Uganda would be rough, but I like the farm theme there.

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