Energy Story Ideas

Maybe I’m stealing your Hotel Indigo idea, but…

Hotel Indigo promotes sustainable tourism, through a water reduction program, eco-friendly cleaning products, using biodegrable containers for food products, along with several other steps that have led to a Gold Level LEED certification. This is the second building in Athens, and only the 17th hotel in the world to receive this certification. I guess the story would examine the steps that they are taking to be environmentally friendly, why they believe in their actions, and how effective their actions are in reducing our carbon footprint. 706) 546- 0430

Following recycling– from the on-campus bins to the bioconversion facility. Also give a tutorial on what can and cannot be recyled through UGA’s recyling program, and why it is so important. Andrew Lentini- UGA recylcing coordinator, 706) 542-3152

Terrapin is promoting a recycling program as well– The Terrapin Pranksters.  The Pranksters are a special group of Terrapin’s most die-hard and loyal fans. To join simply return 20 Terrapin six pack carriers to the brewery for us to reuse and you’ll get a special Terrapin t-shirt, discounts on Terrapin Gear. So that could be interesting. 706) 549-3377


One Response to Energy Story Ideas

  1. Mark E. Johnson says:

    Like the Terrapin idea. Can it be expanded to look at what other businesses are doing to encourage recycling?

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