Energy Story Ideas

1. My first idea is to take a look at the LEED certified buildings on campus. UGA now has six LEED cert. buildings including the new addition to the pharmacy building and a new east campus dorm. I like the idea of contrasting the LEED buildings with the old buildings. For example, contrasting the old pharmacy building with the new building, or the new east campus dorm with Brumby Hall or another dorm just as old. In order to do this I will be in contact with the Associate Vice President for Facilities Planning, Danny Sniff at 706-542-3605. (

2. My second idea is an organization called Bike Athens. Bike Athens’ main objective is to promote transportation and land use policies that improve alternative modes of transportation. Bike Athens provides several ways to conserve energy lost through transportation. For example, they have bicycle recycling services and they also provide Safe Routes to school. Bike Athens not only works with college students to conserve energy and save our air, but they also work with high school and middle school students. My contact is Amy Johnson who is the Co-Chair of Bike Athens. (chair[at]


One Response to Energy Story Ideas

  1. Mark E. Johnson says:

    A lot of visuals with Bike Athens. And, as the weather warms, more will appear.

    LEED is an important issue, where are the visuals in it?

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