Energy Stories

So here are my energy ideas, let’s see if I can get this posted by 7:

1) Energy Education. I’ve been in contact with a few teachers in elementary schools around here trying to determine if there are any lessons or initiatives in their schools that have to do with conserving energy. My next step was to investigate all of their websites, and so far I have found that Barrow Elementary does a great job of energy education. I cam across this website, which should be helpful. I’d really really like to look at how kids, young and older, respond to the idea of conserving energy, and if they do in their households, get them to tell me about it. I guess visually this is only going to be interesting because of the interviews, but maybe I can find something to make it better. I’ll be in touch with Barrow Elementary until I can find someone who is in charge of writing the grants and what not.

2) This is not really a story, but just a idea for some b-roll shots. If someone is doing campus recycling or energy consumption, it would be so cool to do a timelapse view of the skyline or a particular building, or even a time lapse over a few busy hours camped out by a trashcan or recycling bin. I don’t know why, but I really like that stuff.

3) It’d be cool to track one typical student’s carbon footprint for a day. Not necessarily a story, but just a by the numbers type thing.

4) There’s always the solar trash compactors and parking meters that are being installed now.


One Response to Energy Stories

  1. Mark E. Johnson says:

    I like one and two. For the education piece, shooting a lesson in class about conservation and then maybe a segment or two with kids at home, talking about what they do to conserve energy along with b-roll of it – turning off lights, installing CFLs, recycling. Could be tough to schedule that stuff and easy to want to set it up.

    The time lapse could be of two bins – trash and recycling, ever time some one tosses something in one it freezes for a few seconds, maybe overlay a graphic with some numbers? Have a campus expert talk about programs?

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