Energy project ideas

(1) Turnsol Energy is a solar design and installation company based in Watkinsville. They’ve done a lot of projects around Georgia (including Athens of course), and recently they participated in the Georgia Solar Tour (solar power projects–i.e., solar panels for Arbon Spa & Salon). The story would go include talking with Drew Bowen, the president of the company, and getting visuals of the design and installation process. Their assembly headquarters is GA power in Atlanta, so I would go there and hopefully get some visuals of them putting together some panels and explaining how they work. Contact: Drew Bowen, (706) 372-5532.

(2) I would follow the ACC Recycling process, from bins to sorting to combining/melting down. Would be time-consuming with lots of travel, but I guess that’s why this is due at the end of the semester. (706) 613-3512

(3) An extra option: Waseca school is a Montessori school in Athens. They place a special emphasis on environmental education and in 2008 built a LEED-certified school. Would be interesting if I could do that, although I know it’s difficult to photograph environments with kids. (706) 543-4473

Still doing my research. I just want to find something that would have lots of good visuals and would be very concrete.


One Response to Energy project ideas

  1. Mark E. Johnson says:

    We have another suggestion on a solar company, a lot of visuals there. One could focus on design/build and the other on install/operate?

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