Energy Ideas


A close look at how effectively pop culture has contributed to the “go green” movement.  Movies and documentaries like Avatar, Wall-E, Planet Earth and more, alongside commercials and celebrity endorsement all not-so-secretly stress the importance of caring for earth before we end up destroying it.  Are these calls for energy conservation working?  Furthermore, are these welcome forms of influence or do they appear manipulative and controlling.  Student input is critical, as well as professors from sociology or psychology.


With so many students living off campus, do the apartment complexes around Athens participate in any sort of effort to recycle or conserve energy like the University of Georgia is attempting.  Many of the complexes are older and are seemingly ineffective as far as energy usage and conservation.  Would improvements to these areas allow for significant improvement in energy usage.


One Response to Energy Ideas

  1. Mark E. Johnson says:

    There are several sources for pop culture stories, tough part may be the visuals.

    Off campus story has potential, particularly if you can call around and find one place that does a good job of it. Do they market it? Would students gravitate towards someplace that advertises it?

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