Energy Ideas

There is a Clean Energy Exhibition at the Georgia Nature Center in Watkinsville. It focuses on public education on energy, such as: solar power, wind power, green building techniques, and hybrid vehicles. They have a new exhibit of geothermal earth tubes (cool!) demonstrating natural cooing from the earth. The exhibit is put on by World Environmental Organization and sponsored by tons of energy corporations. The earth tubes are particularly interesting and I feel would be visually compelling. The piece would focus on the tubes and education. How is the public being educated?  GNC Phone: (706) 769-1000

Off the grid. I would really like to interview someone who’s gone off the grid and talk about how they have had to change their lifestyle. I want to do a piece talking about the pros and cons, and the ease or difficulty of undertaking such a thing. I don’t have a contact for this. I’ve been asking around, but I cannot find anyone in Athens or the surrounding area. My leads are much too far away to pursue. So, if anyone has contacts for this, please let me know. Independence is something that is very interesting when it comes to energy, and if I can find a contact I would like to pursue the independence/ change of lifestyle aspect.


One Response to Energy Ideas

  1. Mark E. Johnson says:

    Like the off the grid story. Perhaps in conjunction with the solar/wind stories you can find someone who may not be off, but is certainly vacationing away from it?

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