Energy Ideas

Light pollution is one of the most blatant wastes of electricity.  Many European countries have policies aimed at cutting down on it, why don’t we and what are the arguments against turning off the lights after business hours?  I’d speak with Carl Jordan a former Athens-Clarke County commissioner who wrote an article about the topic last year as well as business owners.  Images of light pollution and lights being left on through the night (possibly with some time lapse opportunities) would make this a good video project.

The Georgia Nature Center in Oconee County is a great showcase of energy alternatives.  They have a clean energy exhibition featuring solar power, a wind turbine.  They also have a “next generation home” powered solely by sun, wind and geothermal energy.  The center is a popular place for field trips for schools trying to teach kids about energy consumption.  I’d speak with the center managers about why they feel these exhibits are important as well as kids who have gone on the field trips.  The Center is full of interesting visuals.


2 Responses to Energy Ideas

  1. meghanpittman says:

    Time lapse would be awesome with light pollution.

  2. Mark E. Johnson says:

    Jordan was a big proponent of the light pollution bills, fought for it for years, as I recall. Are there any places nearby that have one? Is there a way to compare and contrast areas with and without?

    Going way out there – can you find a pilot who will fly you, at night, over some towns/villages to show what the light pollution looks like from the sky?

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