Energy Ideas

Office of Sustainability at UGA- Kevin Kirsche recently was appointed director of the Office of Sustainability at the UGA. I would like to work with him, or others in the office to see how they plan to make our campus more eco-friendly.  There are building on campus that are LEED certified and others that are working to get there.

Recycling in Athens- I really like the idea of trying to clarify the “rules of recycling” in ACC.  Many people are unsure of what they can recycle, can’t recycle and what happens to it when they throw in in a bin. I also want to explore why UGA is trying to promote recycling on campus, but it is not always easily accessible for off-campus students to find a place to put their recyclable goods. I know I use to love the idea of being able to drive to east campus and just throw everything in bins outside of Ramsey, but now that bin is gone. WHERE ARE THEY GOING?!


One Response to Energy Ideas

  1. Mark E. Johnson says:

    Since the office is just starting up, where would the visuals come from?

    Second idea has legs – can pose the problem, ask the question and search for some answers.

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