Energy Ideas

Still kind of shaky, but…

#1 Kelsea Norris is a sophomore and member of UGA Power Vote, an organization spearheaded by the Energy Action Coalition. She also has a weekly internship at an Energy focused non-profit organization. The story would essentially be a profile on one University student passionate about energy conservation and policy, and images would focus on her internship at the organization, with fellow students in her organization, and what they are doing to spread the word around campus. (770.401.7911)

#2 Norman Cowden, father and Georgia Tech graduate from Duluth, is an engineer who works with the planning, building, and electrical work of windmills as a form alternative energy. The company he works with is called Sentry Engineering Group. If this worked out, ideally the piece would follow him on one of his builds where he goes to finish off the electrical work, and discuss why wind energy is a practical alternative form, or not. (


One Response to Energy Ideas

  1. Mark E. Johnson says:

    UGA Power Vote may be lacking in visuals. The Sentry Engineering Corp. could be overloaded with them, along with some great natural sound bits. Paired with a solar story, that could be a nice two-story package to have.

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