Ashley’s Energy Ideas

So, I don’t know if anyone else is doing this, but I wanted to possibly do a piece on Bike Athens’ initiatives to encourage alternative transportation.  I wanted to focus specifically on biking and cycling as a growing trend in Athens.  Everyone I’ve talked to has heard of BikeAthens, but they don’t know what they DO.  Amy Johnson, a co-chair of BikeAthens, was originally a student at UGA and now teaches middle school science classes locally while chairing BikeAthens.  I am hoping to talk to her, and the administrator, Ellison Fidler,  about increased interest in cycling to save gas and find out how UGA students are involved.  Contact: (;

Also, after working with SocialYell over the summer, I discovered permaculture, or completely self-sufficient societies that create their own energy.  Kate Bentley, a member of Georgia Permaculture, coordinates the Web site for GA permaculture from Athens.  She is my contact to get in touch with Georgia Permaculture workshop instructors who are about to begin their spring classes across the state, encouraging permaculture in urban places like Atlanta to more rural areas like Americus.  Bob Burns and Isabel Crabtree, founders of the Central Georgia Permaculture Institute, teach the workshops and in addition to working as designers and teachers, are also homesteaders near Milledgeville.  I want to ask them about permaculture developing in Georgia, especially in a place like Athens, and how they design permaculture in urban places like Atlanta.  Apparently, it can start with the idea of a 1-car community and evolve from there.


2 Responses to Ashley’s Energy Ideas

  1. Jon-Michael Sullivan says:

    Looks like we had similar thoughts with the Bike Athens ideas!

  2. Mark E. Johnson says:

    Intrigued by the permaculture idea – is Milledgeville the closest one?

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